An exciting photographic service in Venice


Today I will tell you one of the most exciting photo shoots that I worked in 2014: the wedding of Mike and Elisa in Venice.
The bride Elisa originatesd Italo-American, the husband Mike is of Greek origin: for me and my team of professionals has been a great pleasure to have been appointed to carry out the service photos and video of the wedding of Mike and Elisa in Venice.

The dressing was made at the Luna Baglioni Venice famous hotel in the center of Venice just a few steps from Piazza San Marco. After dressing, we have reached with the gondolas Church San Giorgio to the Greeks for the celebration of the Greek Orthodox rite, a ceremony very long but suggestive.
After the celebration, we shooted photos and videos during the trip in the historic center of Venice,
to follow with a drink at the Luna Baglioni and a romantic gondola ride at sunset. Dinner at Luna Baglioni, to follow the cutting of the cake and the first dance.

Venice is a place of sublime beauty and magic: a service photo and video wedding in Venice will forever remain for me an unforgettable memory!

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