An unforgettable wedding photo service on Lake Garda


Here I am, this time to work on the Fiona & Björn’s wedding, a German couple from Monaco of Bavaria for their Big Day in Italy have chosen Gardone Riviera on Lake Garda: a photo shoot memorable thanks to the beauty of the place and especially thanks to my bride Fiona, as a real beautiful top model!

A wedding photography of two days and entirely shooted in Gardone Riviera on Lake Garda: the first evening was dedicated to the welcome party with drinks and dancing with friends at the nightclub The Tower of Gardone Riviera. While the second day it was entirely dedicated to the wedding, with the getting ready at the Fasano Hotel, with following the ceremony in the Catholic church of Gardone Riviera.

The day continued with a very intense tour in train for guests, tour tuk tuk for the bride and the groom, motorboat tour and a great finish finale with cocktail and reception at the Casino Restaurant.
For me it was really a memorable wedding photography on Lake Garda!

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